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OK I saw the post about odin taking ava to a death metal concert, but what if he was like 'you cant wear your dress to that" so she has to wear one of his old concert tees, which looks like a dress anyway and its just.... sorry I had to tell someone :)


Oh my gosh please don’t be sorry



ah yes I am a qt hobo


dang maggie you lookin fine


Finally got a chance to post my second drawing for Ava’s art jam! Demon!Maggie and Host!Tuls this time.


Odin for September’s art jam!


Lineart of Raven Arrow winner of the Annie Oakley title: Baby maker slayer!

But yeah feel free to color this in! like this file is super de duper huge for that specific purpose!

Have fun!


*squints suspiciously*
You two are going to break my heart aren’t you


So the theme for Ava’s Art Jam this month is a host/demon swap where the hosts are demons and the demons are now hosts. Anon requested a fic of Nevy/Gil or Maggie/Tuls swap, which is good since I’ve seen plenty of Ava and Odin as demons, but not of the other two~

I decided to do Nevy/Gil. I like the idea of envious Nevy, based on this theory I posted a while back.

 - Green Eyed Monster

Pen scratching against paper, a pair of green eyes watch as the shape of a heart is drawn out, a soft expression painted upon their face. As the girl moves to write out a name, she glances aside, gaze landing on a boy a few seats away jotting down notes from the class board.

Biting her lower lip, her eyes wander over his form, taking in the sight of his tussled dark hair and olive skin. When he pauses in his note-taking, turning his head in her direction as if sensing her gaze upon him, their eyes meet.

Heart practically leaping into her throat, she snaps her head down, eyes focusing on her paper which is now covered in hearts surrounding the name of one ‘Pedri Nanezgani.’ When a few moments pass, and she gathers the courage to peek another look, his attention is once again forward.

Deflating at that, she slumps in her seat, placing an elbow on the table to cup her chin in the palm of her hand. Pouting, the girl takes to playing with a lock of dark hair.

In the end, she doesn’t take down one note for that entire class.

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Nervous Ava, at your service. Having a drawer placed over your boobs and in full view doesn’t help matters.